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Carl A. Herrin has worked as a lobbyist and administrator in international education since 1983, and has extensive experience both with governmental relations and international exchange administration. He began his lobbying practice in 2003.


Carl A. Herrin

In government relations, Carl has worked a diverse set of issues at the federal level, including education, foreign affairs, immigration, and tax policy. He has advocated on annual congressional spending and programmatic authorization legislation. He has also pursued regulatory policy and agency liaison with a variety of federal agencies.

In international exchange and education, Carl has held senior positions with nonprofit organizations administering educational programs and exchange of persons activities. He is a recognized expert on study abroad, has published authoritative interpretations on nonimmigrant student and scholar regulations, and authored and edited reports on exchange policy and practice. In addition to his administrative responsibilities, he is active in several international educational exchange organizations as a member and leader.

A graduate of Georgetown University, Carl has worked for his alma mater, a major professional association, two nonprofit advocacy organizations, and a leading international education and exchange organization. He has traveled abroad to such diverse locations as Japan, Russia, France, and Ukraine as part of his professional work, and has also participated in meetings and conferences at locations throughout the United States.

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